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Like so many worthwhile endeavors, this website has been a co-creation and I want to publicly appreciate the significant support I received from my clients (prior and current), colleagues, web designer, marketing coach and photographer.

Developing this website has helped me to appreciate, yet again, the outstanding people I get to work with. Special thanks to
Nancy Burns, Phil Hopkins, Dave Robbins, John Adams, Felicia Williams, Doug Saulsbury, Ryan Martins, Karen Goldberg,
Jamie Elmer, Karen Lievense, Laura Jaffe, Paula Taubman and a wonderful Manufacturing Director (who prefers to remain anonymous) for all the tangible and intangible ways you have supported me with this project.

To my web designer, Tom Connelly, thank you for your creativity, aesthetics, engineering skills and professionalism. Tom can be reached His website is

To Roberta Guise – thank you for your encouragement, for your gift of helping me to refine my thoughts, and for your detailed editor’s eye. Roberta can be reached at Her website is

To Fima Gelman – thank you for your amazing artistry with a camera and the delight of working with you. Fima can be reached at His website is

Finally, although they will never read this, thank you to Rowan and Bella, my outstandingly loyal and diligent German Shepherds, who waited countless hours at my feet as I wrote – ever alert - just in case I had a job for them to do.



To learn more, please contact me by calling 617-484-6060
or by writing to