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“Nancy has a unique gift for taking ideas from raw concepts to full blown realities with outstanding results and a team of collaborators who have loved being on the journey with her. Her work with us was beyond our wildest hopes or expectations.”

Sarah Sandhill
Human Awareness Institute


Nancy Dill Consulting partners with Vice Presidents, Directors and Managers to achieve their operational improvement goals and successfully launch new programs and initiatives. Drawing on best practices and over 13 years experience consulting to large and mid-size firms in both the private and non-profit sectors, Nancy Dill works with her clients to develop solutions customized to meet their unique needs.

Nancy Dill Consulting offers:

Organizational assessments (general or specialized)
Performance analysis and improvement
Metrics development and implementation
Process analysis, design, redesign, measurement and documentation
Development of staff and customer support tools
New program and infrastructure design and integration
Change management
Continuous Improvement Team development
Design and facilitation of major meetings including off sites
Long range, strategic and tactical planning
Organizational development
Mentoring of high potential employees in analytical, design and consulting skills

Clients who work with Nancy achieve their goals with unusual consistency. Typical client results include:
Greater efficiency (which frees resources up for other uses)
Cost savings
Greater respect from management and peers, resulting in stronger alliances and recognition
Operations realigned to meet future demands and leverage opportunities
Development of key staff
Successful launches of new programs and technology
Product and compliance risk reduction
Improved customer service based on a better understanding of customers’ true requirements
Enhanced organizational capability to prevent and quickly resolve critical issues
Innovative and highly engaging training programs

Nancy Dill Consulting’s services fall into two primary areas:

Let’s look at each service in more detail.

Bring Organizational Ideas To Fruition

Operational Analysis and Redesign


To learn more, please contact me by calling 617-484-6060
or by writing to