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"Nancy is an outstanding facilitator - very knowledgeable in the subject and excellent group facilitator…. a great teacher, thoughtful, good listener, good answers for all questions and good high energy for teaching. …. I very much enjoyed her style, her humor, sharing of real life experiences, her cheerful and very nice way. Not distracted at all and always was to the point or redirected (us) back to the point."

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Below are several tools which will facilitate you launching and managing your projects.

Project Charter
This document enables Project Managers and Sponsors to clarify their thinking and document their understanding at project launch. By establishing context, project scope, deliverables, timelines, assumptions, etc. it ensures that the Project Manager can launch projects which are on track with the Sponsor’s goals.
Tools - Project Charter Template.doc - Microsoft Word Document

Project Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
An MOU is a highly detailed project charter which enables detailed planning of complex projects. This detail, while time consuming, enables Project Managers to anticipate and plan for the “things that might bite them”.
Tools - MOU Template.doc - Microsoft Word Document

Project Gantt
This template provides a simple tool for tracking project tasks, owners and due dates. Teams can brainstorm necessary tasks to complete project deliverables, then enter identified tasks in this template, adding owners and due dates. It is recommended that the Gantt be updated at least weekly and that revision information be tracked in the footnote.
Tools - gantt chart template.xls - Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

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