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"Nancy does an outstanding job of building well thought out, sustainable business systems while creating  and nurturing highly enthusiastic, dedicated teams. She is generous in her appreciation of her colleagues. Her excellence shows up in what her teams build, how people feel about working with her and how smooth the transition is when she completes her role on a project."

Laura Jaffe
Global Relationship Manager
Finance Industry


Here are articles which will help you to get the most out of your people and projects. You may want to bookmark this page and check back monthly as new articles will be added.

Outstanding Sponsors (and How to Become One)
Have you ever wondered about colleagues who seem to have a ‘golden touch’ with their initiatives? What is it they are doing that makes the difference? Read this article and learn 6 simple things you can do to ensure higher impact, more timely results.

The Gift of No
In the corporate world, there is no shortage of people telling us what they think we want to hear. What is truly, valuable, however, is people who are willing to tell us what we really NEED to hear to manage effectively. To learn more about what you can do to cultivate authentic, productive conversations in your group, Read this article.

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