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“Nancy’s analytic and creative skills enable her to design cutting edge programs that deliver amazing tangible results. Her project management skills mean that all the details are anticipated and planned for so the rollout and management phases are seamless. I had a wonderful time collaborating with her.”

Phil Hopkins
Executive Director of Information Technology Services
Pasadena Unified School System

Web Academy

A large health care firm saw a rising need for web site development skills and a shortage of external candidates. They asked me to partner with Information Technology management to develop a rigorous, leading edge program, that would develop outstanding employees while meeting the pressing need for more organizational web sites.

My initial work was to identify the training goals. To do this I interviewed top performers in the existing group and identified critical skills. My internal partner and I then developed a program to provide the four critical skill groups identified. In addition to training, the program included a major web development project which program participants presented to IT management and answered design questions on.

Graduation was not guaranteed and students worked hard, knowing their success would be highly visible.

The program was extremely effective – the students leaned into the rigor or the program, loved developing their new skills, and all of them completed the graduating requirements. Many have gone on to highly successful careers using the skills started in the program.


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