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“Nancy asks pheonominally clarifying questions. Her skillful conversations show me ways to see things with fresh eyes, giving me new options
for action."

Paula Taubman
Chief Administrative Officer
Healthcare Industry



Vice Presidents, Directors and Managers call when they recognize a gap between where their organization is and where they want it to be. This gap most often appears as one of the following:

bullet An operational area requires evaluation and improvement

These areas may be specific (e.g. cost reductions from changes in product sampling algorithms, increased efficiency in international relocation procedures, enhanced customer services for a Market Research group…)

or general (e.g. assessment of how your group makes and keeps commitments, interdepartmental communication breakdowns and their impacts, internal and external customer service levels.)

Your need may be taking a proactive measure, or responding to a pressing organizational need, such as implementation of new software or a new regulatory requirement.

bulletYou’re planning or already have rolled out a new initiative or program

You’ve identified a new program that will require planning and orchestration skills. New programs require development of:

the program itself
the program launch (e.g. logistics, marketing communications)
supportive infrastructure
evaluation tools and processes

Development and launch of a program requires both strategic and tactical thinking, and a high capacity for pulling critical information from the sponsor so that your vision can be realized.

bulletYou want to improve your organization without a specific identified initiative

My clients sometimes contact me because they want to take their organization to the next level of performance, and they come with an open mind on what needs to be improved. In these cases, Nancy Dill Consulting works with them to identify data sources: customers, internal and/or external business partners, staff, management - and gathers data which enables them to identify the most critical areas for improvement.

In working with prospective clients, I assess not only whether my skills are a match for their needs but also whether the timing is appropriate for the initiative they are considering. If a referral or a delay is appropriate, I recommend whatever is in the manager’s best interests.

If you are interested in learning more about my services, click on Services. If your curiosity is about my approach, you can read Approach Overview. To learn more about me, I recommend About Me.



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