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“Nancy’s work has earned her many compliments both in the form of direct compliments and requests for her services. One of the things I love about Nancy is that she is great about naming the hard truths in an organization, then rolling up her sleeves and working with you on what needs to be done about it. She moves quickly from naming issues (which only takes courage) to real solutions.”

Dave Robbins
BigFix, Inc.

If you’re like most mid to senior level managers, you’re always challenged to improve your operations, whether it’s to refine existing systems, or to create new programs and infrastructure.

Improvement challenges can come from a variety of sources: new opportunities or responsibilities, a decrease in resources, organizational problems that need to be prevented from reoccurring, changes in regulations, new management with new priorities…

I am a management consultant who works collaboratively with you and your staff to refine your existing operations, and develop new programs and infrastructure. I specialize in enabling Vice Presidents, Directors and Managers to realize their visions.

Along with my operational analysis and redesign and program development and launch results, I bring a strong commitment to mentoring internal employees in my areas of expertise. This skill transfer builds lasting organizational expertise — a significant fringe benefit of our engagement.

Results you can expect from working with me

significantly more efficient processes that result in more available staff time for other needs
dramatically enhanced relationships with business partners and customers (as previous areas of conflict are resolved)
quantifiable cost savings
outstanding new organizational programs and services
happier employees as many areas of previous frustration are eliminated

As my client, you will get the benefit of my experience delivering outstanding results to managers in Manufacturing, Marketing, Finance, Customer Service, Legal, Human Resources, Information Technology and Research & Development environments. You also benefit from my unusually diverse exposure to front line operations across many industries. I am committed to both optimizing your operations and to developing your line employees’ skills and thinking.

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